We ship to you

You will probably never get such a packed poster

We have mastered the packaging for the last few years to perfection. The number of layers securing the parcel has meant that to this day none of our clients has reported us a complaint regarding mechanical damage to the poster.

Of course, there is a danger that the shipment will fall into the ocean or be burned. But from such accidents we insure up to the full amount of all parcels sent.


The poster is wound on a small tube with very thick walls. When wrapping between the sheets of paper is inserted. Inside the smaller tube are inserted silicone bags removing moisture. The whole is then wrapped in gray paper, glued with stickers and packed into a larger tube. Both ends are protected with bubble wrap. After closing the outer tube, wrap everything with one layer of bubble wrap and put in a rectangular box. The box is then wrapped with foil and taped. Finally, we attach stickers and address the parcel.


We know you are impatient

We try to send posters on a regular basis - after receiving the order, if we are not busy with another order, we immediately prepare the poster and print it. Each poster is numbered and signed by the author / authors. All these activities take about 20 minutes.

The next step is to secure and pack the poster for the trip. This is where it takes a while, first we wait for the poster to dry 100%. Then we wrap and wrap by hand (in cotton gloves) subsequent layers. After 40 minutes, the poster will be addressed to it.

And here comes the period that lasts the longest. The forwarding company picks up the parcels from us on the next business day and then takes them to your door.

Printed posters can also be picked up in person in Warsaw. However, please notify us in advance of your intention to collect and the date.

In Europe, parcels can be sent both by courier and by post (which is usually cheaper, but the shipment takes 2x longer).

Outside Europe, shipping is only possible by post. After your parcel has shipped, you will receive a special tracking number.

When shipping outside the European Union, customs and stamp duties are on your side.

So in the EU, you should receive your parcel in 2-3 business days. If you live in another part of the world, you can wait from one week to even three.

Poland ~ $ 6 (5 € / 25zł)

Europe~ $ 19 (16 € /69 zł)

USA and Canada~ $ 26 (21 € / 95 zł)

Asia and Australia~ $ 36 (29 € / 132 zł)

Central & South America, Africa - $ 46 (37 € / 168 zł)

COVID-19 Warning!

Due to the constraints and safety associated with the pandemic, some restrictions have arisen. Posters are printed every 1-2 weeks. The shipping process may also be longer.

We strive to ensure that this process is carried out efficiently. But for the sake of security (for a small number of posters) we will not endanger employees. I hope it will be understood.