Porsche 917K

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Explore our exquisite Fine Art posters featuring the iconic Porsche 917K, capturing automotive excellence in every detail. Limited edition prints available, delivering unique, high-quality decor for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our Fine Art posters, where automotive passion meets exceptional quality. Our latest poster features the legendary Porsche 917K, fully capturing its iconic silhouette and triumphant moments on the track.

Excellence in Details and Quality – Our posters are not just illustrations; they are masterpieces created with love for details and precision. Each copy is printed in the highest quality, fully capturing the beauty of the Porsche 917K. Enjoy every detail, and let our passion for automotive excellence adorn the walls of your home or office.

Unique Decoration for Enthusiasts – For Porsche enthusiasts, our poster is more than decor; it’s a gesture of respect for this automotive icon. We offer a limited edition, making each copy a unique piece of art. Let the Porsche 917K become the centerpiece, delivering unforgettable moments to anyone entering your space.

Why Choose Our Posters? – Our store is not just a place for purchasing; it’s an experience for true automotive enthusiasts. Acquire exclusive pieces of automotive art that go beyond ordinary posters. Discover the joy of owning something extraordinary – Porsche 917K on your wall, now available in limited quantities.

© Designed by Michał Zagórski

Size and paper


Poster in A2 format.

  • vertical – 42 x 59,4 cm / 16,54” x 27,83”
  • horizontal – 59,4 x 42 cm / 27,83” x 16,54”


Artistic photo paper with high durability, matte Satin paper IMPRIME Premium SM 200 Bright Weight 200 gsm.

  • weight – 250 g / 0,44 lb
  • shine – satin

More Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 10 × 10 cm

B1 (70x100cm), B2 (50x70cm), A2 (42×59.4cm), A3 (29.7x42cm), A4 (21×29.7cm)


Satin IMPRIME Premium SM200 Bright White 200gsm

SKU: MZAGO220701

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