Bauhaus – Ausstellung Art Exhibition 1923

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Embark on a journey through modernist art with the exclusive “Bauhaus – Ausstellung Art Exhibition 1923” poster, a minimalist gem fusing simplicity and profound artistic expression. More than a mere decoration, it’s a unique historical piece meticulously designed with a passion for aesthetics and design.


About the poster

Embark on a journey through the modernist art revolution with the exclusive “Bauhaus – Ausstellung Art Exhibition 1923” poster. Its minimalist design pays homage to the iconic Bauhaus aesthetic, seamlessly blending simplicity with a profound artistic message. This isn’t merely a poster; it’s a distinctive piece of art meticulously crafted with a passion for design and a reverence for the historical significance of Bauhaus.

In my store, you won’t encounter mass-produced replicas but rather individual creations. Each “Bauhaus – Ausstellung Art Exhibition 1923” poster is a unique work of art, distinguished not only by its quality but also by the bespoke approach, ensuring a one-of-a-kind ambiance in your space.

This transcends the realm of a mere poster; it’s an investment in the elevation of aesthetics and the celebration of originality. Every line and element on the poster transport you to an era when Bauhaus was reshaping the artistic landscape. Invest in this unique slice of history, an adornment that not only graces your space but also serves as an expression of your distinct style.

Discover how “Bauhaus – Ausstellung Art Exhibition 1923” can redefine your living space. Beyond being a poster, it exudes inspiration and encapsulates a rich history that you can tangibly feel and appreciate every day. Secure your unique piece from the Bauhaus revolution today.


  • version 1.0 – 01.03.2021. added poster

Size and paper


Poster in A2 & A3 format.

  • vertical – 42 x 59,4 cm / 16,54” x 27,83”
  • vertical – 29,7 x 42 cm / 11,69″ x 16,54″


Artistic photo paper with high durability, matte Matte – IMPRIME Premium LAM230 Warm White Matt 230 gsm.

  • weight – 230 gram / 0.50 lb
  • shine – matte
  • hue – slightly cream

More Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 10 × 10 cm

A2 (42×59.4cm), A3 (29.7x42cm)


Satin IMPRIME Premium SM200 Bright White 200gsm


Beige, Brown

SKU: MISZG210301

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